Chad Inu Technical Litepaper đź“ś


Chad Inu is an innovative Web3 project that utilizes the $CHAD utility token being released on PulseChain Q4 2022. We intend to connect a global community with a platform consisting of: multiple ways to earn crypto, exclusive VIP Partner benefits & voting rights, entertainment, lavish parties & events, major contest giveaways, beautiful women and an immersive P2E metaverse we’ve coined “The ChadVerse.”


•Staking inflation starting at 15,000% and halving monthly over a year until a stable inflation rate of 3.69% is reached
•10% of initial supply will be split amongst VIP presale buyers
•5.555% of initial supply will be airdropped to the 5,555-day HEX stakers
•Liquidity locked for 5 years

VIP Partners' Club

Our VIP Partners' Club gives our community another way to earn crypto while uniting our members. The process involves minting a VIP Partner NFT Card for 0.2 ETH. Using an existing VIP’s referral code reduces the cost of minting to .15 ETH (25% off). Becoming a VIP Partner automatically allows you to earn .05 ETH for each new member you refer. Then an additional .05 ETH is rewarded to you if the person you referred refers another VIP within 14 days. Otherwise, that .05 ETH is sent to our treasury. Finally, the remaining .05 ETH gets pooled and is rewarded to contest winners. There is no limit to the number of VIP Partners you can refer.


‍Q3 2022
Start of Marketing
Regular AMAs
1,000+ VIP Partners

‍Q4 2022
Official Launch on PulseChain
Social Platform Launch
Huge Announcement

‍Q1 2023
Reveal ChadVerse Map
NFT Land/Real Estate Sales
5,000+ VIP Partners

‍Q2 2023
VIP Partners' Celebration Event
ChadVerse Beta Release